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It's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary!

Suit up!

How I Met Your Mother fanfiction
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Post any and all fanfiction for the show How I Met Your Mother here. The only rule is, if you're an idiot, stop being an idiot and be awesome instead.

Just kidding, here are the rules:

1) Fic of all types (het, slash, gen, threesome, etc) is welcome, as is RPF [real person fiction].
2) If you're posting fic, you must use standard LJ formatting - in other words, post a header with story information and rating, and if you're posting the complete work here, use a cut tag.
3) If your fic has content that could trigger someone (rape, incest, torture, etc), make sure you warn for it.
4) No off-topic posts or pimping of other communities or challenges is allowed without the permission of the mod -- all posts should be fic or links to fic.
5) This is optional, but it would be awesome if you would tag your fic so the mod doesn't have to do it: when you do so, tag the fic with BOTH the pairing AND the characters that feature prominently in the fic. If everyone's featured, tag it "ensemble."
6) Don't be rude or annoying. This goes for both behavior in comments AND in your headers.

Suggested format for posting:

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

If you're new and aren't sure how to go about posting fic to LJ, this primer should help you format things appropriately.

Any questions can be directed to the mod, annakovsky, at annakovsky AT livejournal dot com.

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